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Address:2101 W Camden Rd
Milwaukee, WI 53209 US - map it
Phone:(800) 654-4757
Fax:(800) 431-1293
E-mail: Contact Del City Wire Co. Inc.
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Description:Del City Wire Co. Inc. & Del City Wire Co. Inc. Parts offer - Manufacturer and distributor of automotive electrical supplies such as wire, switches, electrical terminals, cable ties, loom clamps, circuit breakers, fuses and trailer connectors.
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    Fiberglass High Temperature Loom
    by Del City Wire Co. Inc.

    Milwaukee, WI (March, 2009) – Del City announces a new line of high temperature loom. The resin coated, fiberglass loom is designed to deflect or confine temperatures up to 649º C (1200º F), protecting your sensitive wires, harness and hoses from sol...more

    Step-Down Butt Connectors
    by Del City Wire Co. Inc.

    Milwaukee, WI (November, 2008) – Difficult wiring jobs are now made easy with Del City’s new vinyl and non-insulated step-down butt connectors. Our new step-down butt connectors feature a consistent wall thickness through the entire length of the ter...more

    Multi-Purpose Duct Tape
    by Del City Wire Co. Inc.

    For almost 90 years, duct tape has been the solution for numerous common dilemmas and now Del City offers this solution in seven vibrant colors. Whether the task is to seal, wrap, protect or simply color-code, Del City’s duct tape provides a moisture...more

    Switch Panels
    by Del City Wire Co. Inc.

    Milwaukee, WI (August, 2008) – Del City now offers three styles of toggle and rocker switch panels. Our switch panels are designed to centralize your most commonly used accessories in one easy location while protecting the circuits from harsh environ...more

    LED Strobe Directional Lighths
    by Del City Wire Co. Inc.

    Del City introduces new LED directional lights with a self-contained strobe function rated to meet all SAE Class 1 vehicle requirements. They feature a self-contained electronic control, allowing you to wire the lights directly to a 12 volt power swi...more

    Circuit Alert Tools!
    by Del City Wire Co. Inc.

    No need to search through a toolbox for a separate voltage detector when working on AC wiring; the sensor has now been combined into some of the most commonly used hand tools!  Del City is proud to introduce a new line of Circuit Alert™ Tools:&n...more

    Ratchet Crimp Tool
    by Del City Wire Co. Inc.

    Milwaukee, WI (January, 2008) - Del City now offers a new comfortable, ergonomic ratchet crimp tool with four crimp stations, ranging from 22 through 8 gauge. The tool’s crimp nests are color coded to allow the user to quickly match the correct termi...more

    Slotted Loom
    by Del City Wire Co. Inc.

    Milwaukee, WI (April, 2008) – Del City announces a new line of nylon slotted loom. This slit loom is perforated with small holes along the entire length to drain any excess moisture from cable assemblies.  Slotted loom is used in applications su...more

    Halogen Flood Lamps
    by Del City Wire Co. Inc.

    Del City announces a new line of halogen flood lamps. The lamp housing, available in black or white, is manufactured from a UV heat stabilized plastic and incorporates a cable sealing system to reduce the risk of debris from entering the lamp. The le...more

    LED Indicator Lights
    by Del City Wire Co. Inc.

    Sometimes you just need to be able to light up an indicator to give you an idea of what is happening - power on.  An LED option offers the benefits of durability, low cost along with a long life (in addition to a colorful personality).  T...more

    Hi-Amp Circuit Breakers
    by Del City Wire Co. Inc.

    For the ultimate in circuit protection, choose Del City Hi Amp Circuit Breakers.  This series is ideal for auxiliary and accessory circuits.  Available in 60A to 150A, these breakers are sealed making them splash and dust proof.  The l...more

    Battery Master Switch
    by Del City Wire Co. Inc.

    Light duty battery master switch with removable key.  50 amp continuous rating, 500 amp peak for 10 seconds.  The key, being removable, therefore allows the switch to serve as an anti-theft device. ...more

    Incandescent and LED Lights
    by Del City Wire Co. Inc.

    Del City offers an extensive line of lighting products; both LED and incandescent types are offered in a variety of styles and colors.  DOT certified incandescent lights are resistant to shock, heat, moisture and vibration.  Or, choose...more

    Toggle Switch Cover
    by Del City Wire Co. Inc.

    Del City's racing style toggle switch cover provides an extra level of safety and security.  Rugged spring loaded design provides protection against accidental actuation.  Lift the red cover to flip a switch on, then flip the cover down to ...more

    Wire for almost any auto truck or trailer application
    by Del City Wire Co. Inc.

    General Purpose Primary Wire and Parallel Wire is standard for original equipment and replacement automotive applications. The copper stranded PVC insulated Primary Wire is highly resistant to grease, oil and acids, and is rated for 12V. It operates ...more

    For Protection and Style Choose Loom
    by Del City Wire Co. Inc.

    Slit Loom from Del City is one of the most popular conduits for holding groups of wires together.  It provides protection from heat, sunlight, water, fraying, puncture and abrasion.  The slit allows for easy insertion of the wire, yet when ...more

    Electrical Crimp Terminals
    by Del City Wire Co. Inc.

    Del City's full line of electrical products features a variety of crimp terminals in standard ring, spade, push-on and butt connector styles. Eight types of crimp terminals are available through Del City, with more than 600 different styles thr...more

    A Wide Selection of Switches
    by Del City Wire Co. Inc.

    Del City offers more than 700 different options of toggles, rockers, push-button and canopy switches for automotive, truck, bus and other transportation applications.  They are offered in a wide assortment of heavy, medium, and light-duty s...more

    Surface Transportation Lamps
    by Del City Wire Co. Inc.

    Replace or retrofit worn-out lamps with Del City's newest low-count LED Stop, Tail, Turn and Clearance Marker lamps.  We've also expanded our incandescent line to include space-saving styles.  Choose any of these products for the long haul....more

    Versatile Self-locking Cable Ties
    by Del City Wire Co. Inc.

    Del City's Cable Ties are ideal for a variety of wire bundling applications.  Standard ties provide up to 50% more tensile strength and 15% larger bundle diameters than competitive product.  The one-piece injection molded construction adds ...more